Are you ready to birth a miracle?

This isn’t some tongue in cheek statement rife with symbolism.

I’m asking you, truly, are you prepare to usher in the next Rebel Rouser; Earth Shatterer; or the next Massive Healer?

It’s totally okay if your answer right now is an unequivocal NO.

I mean let’s be honest, we’re hardly ever ready for this kind of shift.

I get it. Right now you’re:

Having anxiety attack surrounding the birth experience.

Feeling as though you’re going to be the worst mom on Earth because you can’t even get through an episode of This Is Us without uncontrollable tears.

Questioning every decision you’re making. Will this so cause harm to me and my unborn seedling?

Suffering from morning sickness that turns into evening sickness. Like seriously, WTF!

You’re even being offered advice from every Tom, Dick, Harry and Mary on what to do, what not to do, what to avoid and what will be just catastrophic if you just don’t follow a specified scenario.

You just want it all the spot. You want to regain control, because this process is about you and your child.

You want Insight on what’s good for YOUR baby. And who better than to tell you than your baby.

In a perfect scenario your body will have so much harmony :

  • You’d lessen the physical symptoms of pregnancy.
  • You’d be so in tune with your unborn child you’d anticipate your body’s needs.
  • When baby arrived, they’ll be so balanced their transition would be nothing short of amazing, resulting in a baby who’s energy is balanced even before the Dr utterance the words push.
  • You’d be able to get and receive communication from baby without words tears being shed.

Why I created
the Harmonizing Frequency

When I had Jayla, I was terrified. All I kept hearing about was the pain, the sleepless nights, and the complete distress of being a mom.

This was no way to bring a child into this world; full of anxiety, stress and pure panic.

If I could turn back the hands of time:

I’d want someone I could call when my body rejected certain foods and I struggled to find food I could eat that me my baby’s finicky standards. BTW she’s still runs the show.

I’d give up my hubby for a week for someone that could decipher my daughter’s cries and inform me that all she wanted was to be taken outside for fresh air.

I’d wish upon a shooting star for someone that could ease the nausea and sleepless nights of being uncomfortable beyond measure.

All in all, I’d be wishing for healing and insight.

And I’m here to provide you with just that.

About Me

I am Ty, a medium, energy healer, friend and confidant. I help women create and master their energy to create shift in their reality.

I help you to  enjoy aligned to your life’s path, to energetically open the doors to a better quality of life. One that’s not fueled with regret, guilt and worry. This means no hiding in the closet curled into a ball because your child had been crying nonstop for 3 hrs.

I help moms improve their birth experience and pregnancy by educating them on their energetic frequency as well as baby’s; while compassionately guiding them through their struggle, all while supporting them with energetic and karmic healing.


Earth angels is a monthly energetic 1-on-1 specifically for moms who want to take control of their birth experience and ease the transition into the world for their child.

In this energy intensive I will work my magick on behalf of mom and baby, by using my spiritual press pass to go beyond the Velvet Rope and White Light to create energetic shifts. On my end this includes the healing of you and babies karmic energies; keeping you and baby energetically balanced up to and after delivery; as well as channeled messages direct from baby to you; and from Spirit. No more guessing.

You’ll get two video healings a month and one 1-hr call to discuss any of your needs. You will also have full access to me via inbox and email at any time for insight.

Ready to work together to birth this miracle

Total investment  $1750 (3/months)



How much does it cost?

The energetic investment for this program is $1750 for 3 months of exclusive healing.

How many spots?

This program is exclusive and only has space for 4 lovely moms or future moms at any time.

What's your refund policy?

There is no refund with this service . If you have reservations, I would say to hold off until you’re really sure you’re invested in your progress.

I really just want a reading. Is that possible?

Unfortunately I do not do one off readings anymore. The only way to get one­-on­-one help via my energetic healings and readings would be the private energetic intensive Rebel Goddess Society or Earth Angels.

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